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Useful information about dental braces

Not long ago, braces were considered a luxury. Today, however, more and more people are turning to them, and the fact that it is almost a trend encourages even the most undecided. In addition, thanks to technology, you can opt for wearing one even at older ages, not only during childhood.

Dental braces have the role of correcting dento-alveolar incongruities and correcting the bite, which can generate much more serious problems over time. This is achieved by continuous pressure on the teeth, for a determined period of time, which induces their controlled movement in a certain direction.

Abnormal positions of the teeth, dental spacing and crowding, narrow arches, a disproportion in the dento-maxillary apparatus, all these anomalies are more and more frequently encountered nowadays. Their treatment by dental prosthetics is necessary both for aesthetic reasons and for reasons of dento-maxillary health. Left untreated, these irregularities can lead to physiognomic problems, temporomandibular joint problems, periodontal disease, etc.

For children, braces can be applied starting at the age of 6-7, but in certain situations it may be indicated even earlier. The pressure changes every month, so the only thing the patient feels is a slight discomfort and tension in the first days after changing the elastics.

Offers dental braces:

Price of metal braces / arch – 2200 lei

Price of ceramic dental braces / arch – 3000 lei

Sapphire dental braces price / arch – 3500 lei

Damon dental braces price / arch – 4000 lei

Types of orthodontic appliances

According to the anchoring method:

  • Mobilizable devices (orthodontic plates) are devices that are mounted with the help of anchoring elements. 
  • Functional (mobile) braces are orthodontic braces without anchoring elements. 
  • Fixed braces – braces that are fixed to the dental arch with cements and adhesives.

Depending on the component materials, there are 3 types of fixed dental appliances:

  • Braces made of non-metallic materials (sapphire, ceramic, plastic) 
  • Metallic braces 
  • Mixed appliances

Removable orthodontic braces

Removable orthodontic braces are those that are maintained with the help of anchoring elements and can be removed and reapplied at any time. Their purpose is to correct in time the incorrect eruption of certain teeth and to guide them to the correct position. That is precisely why they include a screw with which the parent will also be able to activate, not just the doctor. Also known as the orthodontic plate, they can be applied from the age of 6-7 years.

The advantages of wearing removable orthodontic appliances:

  • helps to develop the jaw and mandible; 
  • no painful action is felt; 
  • helps to create the necessary space for the teeth to erupt; 
  • solves the problem of crowding and abnormal tooth eruptions; 
  • can be applied from an early age; 
  • repairs and changes are made easily; 
  • hygiene is easy to maintain in optimal conditions, being easy to remove from the oral cavity; 
  • low cost.


  • like any dental appliance, it can create a slight discomfort at the beginning but which will disappear in a few days;
  • it must be sanitized every day; 
  • the possibility of deformation of some elements if handled carelessly.

Instructions for wearing the device:

  • it is recommended to wear it for at least 19 hours a day; 
  • the device can be removed between meals, only on the doctor's prescription it will be worn during meals; 
  • wearing it will not be interrupted even for a day, as there is a risk of relapse; during meals, the device it will be stored in its special box.

Functional braces

​They are structures without anchoring systems and that act with the help of muscles.

Most functional appliances are worn to correct the functions of the dento-maxillary apparatus, most often the dysfunctions include an abnormal position of the mandible.

Orthodontic treatment with a functional device lasts at least 1 year because the teeth, muscles and temporomandibular joint require time for accommodation and especially correct positioning.

Fixed dental braces

​The most famous dental braces are the classic, fixed ones, with brackets on the visible face of the teeth and which can be applied at any age. Fixed braces are recommended for treating dysfunctions of permanent teeth.

How it works: the brackets remain glued to the teeth throughout the treatment and they move in the desired direction with the help of the force of the springs that connect them. The springs are fixed with elastics, which are changed monthly, thus changing the pressure. The bows can also be colored, for the most non-conformist among us.

Fixed braces are of several types: metal, ceramic, sapphire and invisible. In principle, all fixed dental braces act the same, the only difference being that related to the degree of visibility, and thus explained the price difference between them.

The adjustment period is shorter than you think. In the first days after applying the device, you may feel the sensation of a foreign body and a little discomfort, but this sensation disappears in a few days. For extra protection, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of special wax over the brackets, to eliminate possible scratching of the tongue and cheeks.

The patient with fixed braces must have proper hygiene, using both the normal and the interdental brush. Mouthwash can also be used. Food and bacteria can easily stagnate in the dental apparatus, therefore greater attention must be paid to oral hygiene.

Sticky foods (e.g. candies), colored and hard products (e.g. pretzels, apples, peaches, toast, etc.) should be avoided in order not to detach the bracket. However, they can be consumed without problems in smaller pieces, without biting into them.

The average duration of treatment is 1 year and a half, two years. However, depending on the complexity and seriousness of the case treated, it can extend up to several years.


  • Controlled repositioning; 
  • Possibility of use from childhood; 
  • Obtaining lasting results; 
  • Faster treatment.


  • requires wearing the braces 24/24 hours; 
  • slight discomfort and dental sensitivity in the first days; 
  • dental hygiene more difficult; 
  • avoiding hard, sticky foods;

Reserve the offer

METALLIC dental braces / arch
2200 RON
CERAMIC dental braces / arch
3000 RON
SAFIR dental braces / arch
3500 RON
DAMON ULTIMA dental braces / arch
4000 RON
Mobile dental braces
1100 RON

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