Terms and conditions


General Conditions for the use of the website "www.dentarbre.com"

Thank you for your interest in our company, website, services and/or products.

"This Document", carefully "Contract" , "Terms" together with the documents mentioned in its contents.

This document represents the conditions for using the website "www.dentarbre.com" (hereinafter referred to as "the website") and placing orders for products and services through the website.

By browsing our site or placing an order you agree to the Terms and Conditions described below. This document is a legal agreement – a contract between you and us.

Please also read the Privacy Policy (which you can find here _______ (the link to the section on the company's website will be inserted )_______) and the Policy regarding the use of cookies modules (which you can find here _______ (will be inserted the link to the company's website section) _________ before browsing the website or placing an order If you do not agree to these Terms or the Policies indicated above, please do not use the website.

The "Terms and Conditions" section represents how DentArbre Dental Clinic operates and helps define your relationship with our site when you interact with our services and includes the rules that will govern the relationship between you, as a Customer, and us, as a Seller, as well as the conditions of use of the site "www.dentarbre.com" by potential visitors or customers.

The "Terms and conditions" document is drawn up in accordance with the mandatory provisions stipulated by the applicable legislation, respectively Law no. 365/2002 on electronic commerce and GEO no. 34/2014 regarding the rights of consumers in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts.

1. Introduction. Definition of terms used

2. Online sales policy

3. Ordering products and services

4. Price of services and products, invoicing and payment

5. The Customer's right of withdrawal in the case of the sale of digital/electronic products

6. Work schedule, deliveries, deadlines

7. Buyer's Obligations

8. Obligations of the Seller

9. Intellectual property right

10. Seller's Liability, Limitations and Exclusions

11. Acceptance of Terms and User or Customer Liability

12. Notices and Complaints

13. Personal Data/Privacy Policy

14. Force majeure

1 5. Notices

          16. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

17. Specific clauses

18. Modifications/completions/updates of the document

1.    Introduction. Definition of terms used

1.1. Who are we?

Below you will find our identification data:



Social headquarters

BUCHAREST, sector 2, Str. S.O.S. COLENTINA, No. 16, Bl. A1, sp. Com. lot 2, BUCHAREST county

Trade register number


Unique Identification Code (CUI)





+ 40 78 78 777 99

In this document we will refer to us using the official name mentioned above or under the brand name DentArbre Dental Clinic, under the name "Seller", "Provider", "Company", "Organization".

We are a company that offers products and services through the website "www.dentarbre.com" and its subdomains or affiliated websites (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Site"), of other tools made available to the Buyer for accessing the services as well as through all profiles/media pages associated with this brand.

1.2. Definition of terms used

The Seller or Provider - represents the DR company. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL, as we previously introduced ourselves.

Customer/Buyer- represents any natural person, at least 18 years old, with full legal capacity or any legal person/entity, who creates or not an Account on the Site and makes an online Order. Customer/Buyer also means a legal person who places an Order through a natural person on their behalf. Adults who authorize minors to use the Site are responsible for their entire conduct on the Site and for all actions minors may take.

Products or services- represents any goods/products or services that are offered to the Client/Buyer for purchase, for a fee, through the "www.dentarbre.com" website.

Contract - represents the understanding at a distance (without the simultaneous physical presence) between the Seller and the Customer, regarding the sale/purchase of one or more Products or Services on the website, by placing an Order by the Customer and its acceptance by the Seller, with compliance with legal provisions and terms and conditions for online sales/e-commerce. The contract is concluded, as a rule, in Romanian.

Account– represents a unique interface of our site that involves customizing a section of the site by entering an e-mail address and a password, a section that contains various information about the Customer.

Command- represents the commitment expressed through the site by the Customer to purchase one or more Products, under the conditions set out in this document and/or agreed with the Seller through a means of remote communication.

User – any person who has created an account on the website.   

Visitor – any person who accesses the website.

Website– represents our website "www.dentarbre.com", as well as any section or subpage thereof.

The other terms used in this document have the meaning conferred by the applicable legal provisions.

2. Online sales policy

2.1. Any potential Customer who acts with a legitimate purpose and who intends to purchase one or more Products from us, in compliance with these terms and conditions, is allowed access to the "www.dentarbre.com" website in order to carry out an Order.

2.2. The customer declares that he accepts and agrees with the form of remote communication (eg telephone or e-mail) through which we carry out our operations in the case of using the website and, as the case may be, registering an Order.

2.3. If there are errors in relation to the price or any other details of the services and you have placed an order, we will inform you by email or other agreed means of communication as soon as possible in relation to such error.

2.4. When there is a promotion or campaign of any kind in progress, the Products that are the subject of sale within it will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to that campaign or promotion, which we will bring to your attention.

2.5. All promotions or campaigns presented on the website are valid for the stated duration, and if no duration is indicated for the promotions, they will be valid within the limits of available stocks/places or for the duration that we consider appropriate to reach us the objectives.

2.6. We do not guarantee the availability at any time of all Products and Services and reserve the right to stop marketing a product / service at any time.

2.7. Any questions or concerns can be addressed with confidence to the e-mail address: contact@dentarbre.com or by filling out the account act form, and we guarantee a response in the shortest possible time.

3. Ordering products and services

3.1. The customer expresses his agreement to enter into a bilateral contractual relationship with us - the DentArbre Dental Clinic team, by placing an online order, which may contain one or more of the products or services offered on our website.

3.2. Any natural person (who has reached the age of 18) or legal entity can place an order from the menu related to the Customer Account, which will facilitate interaction with us and can bring you benefits (exclusive promotions, discounts, bonuses, etc.).

3.3. Adding a product to the shopping cart does not represent its reservation, and an order will be considered valid and completed after going through all the stages in the Order completion menu and only after confirming the full payment of the price of the products or services you opted for. By completing the Order, you confirm to us that all the data you have provided to us are correct, complete and true at the date of placing the Order and you explicitly acknowledge that the said Order implies your firm obligation to pay the "full payment amount". Any other method of the procurement procedure will not lead to the conclusion of a valid, correlative contract, we will not have the obligation to deliver the respective product or service.

3.4. Please note that we cannot estimate the time required to complete and provide products and/or services that require additional information from you or that involve customization of products/services already available.

3.5. The Seller/Provider may cancel an Order placed with simultaneous or subsequent notice (such cancellation does not incur any liability on our part) in the following cases:

a) the transaction is not accepted by the bank issuing the card (the bank that issued the card does not accept the Transaction, in the case of online payment);

b) the card processor with which the seller works does not validate or invalidate the Transaction (for example, either because there are insufficient funds or for other reasons, according to the processor's policy);

c) the payment is not completed within the term indicated by the proforma invoice, in the case of payment by bank transfer/internet banking;

d) the data provided by the User/Client when accessing the Platform are incomplete or incorrect;

e) the user/customer does not confirm the Order when contacted by the seller for this purpose;

f) the seller reasonably believes that by accessing the Platform and placing the Order, the user/customer pursues an illicit purpose or that may cause any kind of damage to the Seller/Company, its Affiliates or Partners;

g) any of the terms and conditions in this document have not been properly respected.

4. Price of services and products, invoicing and payment

4.1. The prices of the Services displayed on the website or communicated to the Customer are expressed in Lei and may or may not include VAT according to the legislation in force, as they will be displayed on the website and are considered valid prices for the services displayed on the website or communicated to the Customer at the time of completing an Order.

4.2. Seller may update the prices of the Services, and such update will supersede any prices previously displayed for such Services.

4.3. If the price is not displayed, the Customer will have the opportunity to ask for an offer and an operator will communicate the price in the shortest possible time.

4.5. The price of the ordered service is the one displayed on the date of placing the order.

4.6. The price printed on the invoice is the same as the one sent by the operators when confirming the order.

4.7. Payment methods are available on the website and in the DentArbre Dental Clinic premises.

4.8. The Seller will issue the invoice related to the products or services purchased based on the identification data that the Customer will communicate, and the invoice will be delivered together with the products or services ordered, to the Customer's e-mail or in the Customer Account, this being valid in this format and even without a stamp or signature from the issuer.

4.9. No additional fees will be applicable for payment by card, and the Seller is not responsible for any other cost borne by the Customer in addition to the price of the purchased Product including, but not limited to, bank transfer or currency conversion fees applied by the issuing bank of the Customer's card, if the card issuing currency differs from the currency in which the sale is made.

4.10. The Customer will be fully responsible for any kind of payment made in error, and in these situations the Seller will analyze the situation and decide promptly whether or not the amounts of money already paid can be returned, the Customer being solely responsible for these payments.

5. The Customer's right of withdrawal in the case of the sale of digital/electronic products

5.1. In the case of the sale of digital/electronic products, the Customer understands and accepts the fact that the Products and Services sold on the www.dentarbre.com website are exempt from the right of withdrawal from the contract, in accordance with the legislation in force, being the provision of digital content that is not delivered on a physical medium, and the provision started with the express prior consent of the Client, and the amounts paid for a product, good or service, on our website will not be refundable.

5.2. The seller will be able to decide, in exceptional cases and only at his discretion, to refund certain amounts (total or partial) depending on certain particular cases, according to our commercial policy.

6 . Work schedule, deliveries, deadlines

6.1. An order can be placed at any time, but the processing period is from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 21.00, excluding public holidays.

7. Obligations of the Buyer:

●      to provide real, correct and current information about his entity when it is requested, otherwise there is the possibility of refusing the provision of services;

●      to accept the solution of any problems within 30 (thirty) days from the date of notification of them through an e-mail addressed to the seller;

●      to accept the Seller's Terms and Conditions upon placing the order and to pay the value of the products and/or services through the methods provided at the time of submitting the order.

8. Obligations of the Seller:

●      to make professional information about its products and services available to users free of charge.

www.dentarbre.com website is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional dental advice or treatment, having an indicative nature.

●      to contact customers to confirm orders, by e-mail or telephone;

●      to use the personal data collected from customers/users in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" and "Cookies Policy" sections, which can also be found on the seller's company website .

9. Intellectual property right

9.1. All copyrights on the products on the site belong to DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL known under the trade name DentArbre Dental Clinic .

9.2. The Customer is not permitted to copy, distribute, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and/or otherwise alter, use, link to, display, include any content in any context other than that originally intended by DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL, the inclusion of any content outside the package, the removal of the marks signifying the copyright of DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL, on the package as well as participating in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the package, except with the express written consent of DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL, the latter reserving the right to recover any kind of damage caused (direct, indirect, present and future) by any means provided by the legal provisions.

9.3. The client understands that there may be situations in which DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL does not own property rights or any intellectual, industrial or commercial property rights regarding certain files, pictures, materials, etc. published on the site, benefiting only from a right to use them, and regardless of the situation, the Client is not allowed to sell, redistribute or reproduce these materials, nor to decompile them or modify their structure, without the prior consent of DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL

10. Seller's Liability, Limitations and Exclusions

10.1. The Seller is not responsible in the situation where the Customer provides wrong or incomplete information or data, the Customer being solely responsible for the accuracy of this information, and in this sense the Customer declares that he agrees and understands that a large part of the functions of our website are automated and the final result depends exclusively on the information he provides to the Seller or enters into the system.

10.2. The maximum liability limit of DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL, as well as its directors, administrators, employees, subcontractors and affiliates towards Customers for damages of any nature will be the maximum amount actually paid by the Customer to DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL,.

10.3. The seller assumes no responsibility for:

a) loss of data or content, lost profits, business interruption or for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exceptional or punitive damages arising out of or related to the materials or services provided by DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL, even if the Client has been informed of the possibility of such damages and without prejudice to the essential purpose of any limited remedy;

b) the Customer's decisions as a result of the messages promoted by a partner or an affiliate or the decisions the Customer makes as a result of the information he finds on the site, regardless of whether they are written or not by recognized experts in their field;

c) any changes it will make regarding the provision of the Services, including a total or partial interruption of the provision of the Services (or certain functions of the Services);

d) non-existence of provision or incomplete provision by the Client of information that can be verified;

e) the Client's impossibility to keep his login data (username, password or other credentials) safe and confidential.

f) damage to any device or digital content belonging to the Customer caused by the lack of proper implementation of the necessary security measures, by accessing the materials and information that the Seller delivers in the form of digital content or of any other type.

g) any other additional costs will apply to the Customer, including mobile phone costs (such as mobile internet costs) or internet costs in the location from which the website is accessed or other related costs.

11. Acceptance of Terms and User or Customer Liability

The User or Client declares that he understands and agrees that it is prohibited to use the site "www.dentarbre.com" in the following ways or for the following purposes:

a) in violation of the Terms and Conditions of this document;

b) in violation, in any way, of the applicable legal provisions or in ways that may lead to the violation, in any way, of the applicable legal provisions;

c) to disseminate false or wrong information or to propagate misinformation, incitement to hatred or the like;

d) in any way acting on the account and on behalf of another person, in particular by using false names, false email addresses, false telephone numbers, etc.

e) to defame other people, to make insults, accusations or offensive statements about any other person;

f) for the promotion or concealment of illegal or immoral activities;

g) to reproduce, in any way, the website interface, in order to mislead users, customers or potential customers that we have;

h) to gain unauthorized access to data that our visitors or customers have voluntarily provided to us;

i) to introduce malicious programs or lines of code into the system;

j) to request illegal information, products or services or to request information covering an illegal activity;

l) to gain access to different sections or subsections of the site or to the products or services offered by us using illegal procedures;

m) to obtain products or services for the purpose of resale (with the exception of the Policies regarding the processing of personal data generated through the TOOL).

12. Notices and Complaints

12.1. Users and/or Customers of the DR. DENT MEDICAL SERVICES SRL, can generally contact us at the e-mail address or through the form in the "Contact" section for any concerns, problems, notifications or complaints in relation to the Products or Services, including to identify and correct any errors that have place during data entry.

12.2. Notifications received in this way will be resolved by us within a maximum of 30 (thirty) calendar days from their receipt.

13. Personal Data/Privacy Policy

By using the Platform, the Customer understands and accepts to transmit personal data to the Seller, these data will be processed in accordance with and for the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy, which completes these Terms and Conditions.

14. Force majeure

14.1. Neither the Seller nor the Customer is responsible for the non-execution on time and/or the improper execution, in whole or in part, of any obligation falling under this contract, if the non-execution or improper execution of the respective obligation was caused by force majeure, as defined by law [1].

14.2. The party invoking force majeure is obliged to notify the other party, within 15 (fifteen) calendar days, of the occurrence of the event and to take all possible measures to limit its consequences.

14.3. If, within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from its occurrence, the respective event does not cease, the parties have the right to notify the full termination of this contract, without any of them claiming damages.

15. Notices

15.1. The user agrees that all communications made on the basis of this document take place by means of electronic mail to the address communicated by him on the site, agreeing that such communication is valid by simple evidence from the Seller/Provider regarding the sending of the communication. The Provider has the right to use other methods of transmission (by post, courier or through bailiffs) of its communications to the User.

15.2. The parties agree that all communications in connection with this Agreement shall be made to the following addresses:

●      For the User – to the e-mail address mentioned in through the Platform;

●      For the Seller – at the following email address: contact@dentarbre.com.

          16. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

16.1. This document represents a legal contract concluded at a distance, accepted by simply ticking it and is subject to Romanian law.

16.2. If it is not possible to resolve the disputes amicably, the parties will refer to the competent courts according to the law.

17. Specific clauses

17.1 . Our obligation is not an obligation of performance, but an obligation of diligence, which means that we will do our best to deliver the Products or Services, but we cannot guarantee their performance, and the Customer expressly agrees to this .

17.2. The Seller/Provider does not assume responsibility for accessing the links it finds on the site and does not guarantee that the platform is free of bugs or viruses and is not responsible for any temporary, partial or total interruptions of the platform, and this does not give the right to compensation for the Client/Consumer.

17.3. The language in which the contract is concluded is Romanian.

18. Modifications/completions/updates of the document

The Seller reserves the right to change the Site Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. By accessing the seller's (company's) website, users/customers will find the latest version of the Terms and Conditions.