Complete guide about dental braces: types, costs, benefits

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Dental health care is a crucial aspect of overall health and self-esteem. In Bucharest, the dental services market has registered a significant growth in recent years, and braces have become a popular solution for improving teeth alignment and smile aesthetics. In this article, we will analyze the evolution and importance of dental braces in the dental market in Romania.

The rise in popularity of dental braces

•             Fixed braces: This type of braces is the most common and is used to correct major teeth alignment problems. It has been shown to be effective in solving conditions such as overlapping or crowded teeth.

•             Invisible Braces: A modern and discreet alternative to fixed braces, this device is made of a transparent material that makes it less visible when worn. It has become very popular among adults and teenagers.

•             Braces for children: Manufacturers have developed specially designed braces for children with colorful and themed designs to make the experience more enjoyable for little ones.

You are the right candidate for braces if:

Do you have overlapping or crowded teeth?

Let's be honest, few of us are blessed with perfectly aligned teeth. But for most, there are small alignment issues that we would like to correct. If you have overlapping or crowded teeth, braces can be the magic key to solving these problems and achieving a perfect smile!

Is your smile bothering you?

Smiling should be a source of joy and confidence, not worry or discomfort. If you feel insecure or embarrassed about the way your smile looks, braces may be the answer! It will give you the opportunity to get a beautiful and healthy smile that will attract eyes and leave a memorable impression!

Are you willing to be consistent in wearing the device?

Ok, let's be real - wearing braces is no party. It will require some patience and consistency on your part. Fixed braces must be worn regularly to achieve the desired results. But don't worry, in time you will get used to it and you will see that the effort is well worth it!

Do you trust your dentist?

By trusting a competent and dedicated dentist, you can feel comfortable sharing your concerns and receiving personalized advice. Your doctor will be your guide on this journey to a beautiful and healthy smile!

Two other reasons why you may be an ideal candidate for braces may be because you have spaced teeth or an incorrect occlusion (bite).

Spaced teeth can occur for several reasons:

·        Genetical reasons

·        due to the practice of vicious habits in childhood: finger pointing, lip pointing, tongue sticking

·        following the extraction of one or more teeth and failure to repair the gap, a situation in which the neighboring teeth migrate and spaces appear between the teeth that previously had points of contact

·        following periodontal disease

Tooth spacing is both unsightly, but over time it can also create problems for the supporting tissues of the teeth.

Occlusion or malocclusion occurs when the teeth on the upper jaw do not mesh properly with the teeth on the lower jaw. This means uneven distribution of the load on the teeth: those that are normally close to each other take the entire load of chewing, which is why they wear out and collapse faster. Excessive loading causes caries, disease and bleeding of the gums, the mobility of the teeth involved in chewing.

What are mobile dental braces for children?

Mobile braces for children are like little adventurers who come to explore and correct the alignment of children's teeth. They are made of a colorful plastic material with various attractive patterns and designs, designed to make the little ones smile even more! These devices are specially designed to be easy for children to carry and maintain.

Why choose mobile dental braces for children?

Play and fun for bright smiles

One of the biggest advantages of these mobile braces for kids is that they can get involved in choosing their favorite colors and designs. Thus, wearing the device becomes a fun and engaging experience, which motivates the little ones to take care of their smile every day.

Efficient and comfortable alignment

Although they are playful and colorful, these removable braces are no joke when it comes to correcting teeth alignment. They are carefully designed to ensure an effective and comfortable treatment for the little ones. Their teeth will align beautifully without being bothered by pain or discomfort.

Easy and daily care

While traditional braces can be difficult to maintain, children's removable braces are more suitable in this regard. They are easy to remove and clean during meals or brushing teeth , so that little ones can enjoy oral hygiene without any hassle.

How can the parent support the process?

Dear parents, in this journey to a perfect smile, you are your children's heroes! Make sure you keep regular appointments with your dentist to monitor the progress of your treatment. Encourage little ones to wear their removable braces with pride and take care of their smile with love and attention.

The magical smile is within children's reach!

As little ones grow and develop, removable braces will work behind the scenes to give them a magical, confident smile. Remind them that every step taken on this journey is an important step towards a bright, healthy smile!

So, dear parents, don't be afraid to make the right decision for your children's smile. Children's mobile braces are reliable allies in this oral health adventure. Together, we will make every day a celebration of happy smiles!

Now let's find out what are fixed braces and how do they work?

Fixed braces are special devices designed to correct the alignment and positioning of teeth. If you have overlapped, crowded teeth or have problems with your bite, these braces are the magicians that will turn your smile into a work of dental art! They usually consist of brackets (those small components attached to the teeth) and springs, which apply pressure to the teeth to gradually move them into the correct position.

Why choose fixed metal braces?

Proven efficiency and spectacular results

One of the biggest advantages of these devices is their time-proven efficiency. Fixed metal braces are recognized for providing impressive results in correcting dental alignment. In just a few months, we will see how the teeth settle in perfect harmony, and our smile shines more beautiful than ever!

Suitable for all ages

Even though many associate braces with teenagers, they are suitable for all ages. Whether you are a child or an adult, fixed metal braces can be the perfect choice to improve your oral health and confidence in your smile.

Durability and easy maintenance

Although they are made of metal materials, these braces are durable and strong. In addition, their maintenance is quite simple. It is enough to pay a little attention to oral hygiene and avoid hard or sticky foods that could damage the braces. You will see that during orthodontic treatment with fixed metal braces, the oral care routine becomes second nature.

What are Damon braces?

Damon braces are an innovation in the world of orthodontics. These braces are designed to align teeth naturally and effectively without requiring excessive activation or the use of elastics. So, goodbye metallic threads and colored elastic! Damon braces use a bracket system self-ligating , which allow the teeth to move more freely and, consequently, the treatment can be carried out faster and more comfortably.

Why choose Damon dental braces?

Faster and more comfortable treatment

Yes, you heard right! With Damon braces, you'll spend less time in the dentist's chair and more time enjoying life. Self-ligating braces allow teeth to move naturally without requiring frequent adjustments, which means you'll have fewer appointments and treatment will be much more enjoyable.

More relaxing visits to the orthodontist

If you are worried about dental procedures, you will definitely appreciate the advantage of visits to the orthodontist    with Damon dental braces, especially the latest generation models, which we use successfully and which are called Damon Ultima. Because there are fewer adjustments and less pressure applied to your teeth, you'll feel less discomfort during your visits, plus the medical team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you're relaxed and comfortable.

Damon braces are definitely a great option for anyone who wants a perfect and healthy smile. With freer movements and fewer visits to the dentist, the treatment becomes much more pleasant and relaxing. So, if you're thinking about improving your smile, Damon Ultima braces could be the perfect choice for you!

The benefits of dental braces

Braces offer many benefits in addition to aligning teeth, such as:

•             Improving oral health: Correct alignment of teeth facilitates better oral hygiene and prevents plaque build-up, which reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

•             Improving functionality: Correctly aligned teeth help improve the functionality of the masticatory system and avoid temporomandibular joint problems .

•             Confidence and aesthetics: Patients who opt for braces enjoy improved smile aesthetics, which boosts their self-confidence and results in a more beautiful smile.

The advantages of wearing braces

1. Correcting the alignment of the teeth

2. Improving oral health

3. Long-term results

The disadvantages - What you need to know before starting the adventure with dental braces in Bucharest

1. Initial discomfort which, however, lasts only a few days

2. Additional oral hygiene requirements

Fixed dental braces require more careful oral hygiene. With the brackets and springs there, food debris can easily collect, which can lead to inflammation and irritation. So it's important to pay special attention to brushing and flossing regularly.

As for cost and affordability

Although braces offer numerous benefits, many patients wonder about the costs involved and the affordability of these treatments. In Bucharest, costs may vary depending on the type of dental braces and the complexity of the case. However, there are dental clinics that offer flexible payment options and customized packages to make treatment more affordable, including DentArbre Dental Clinic.

If you wondered how much dental braces cost, then we can tell you that at the DentArbre dental clinic in Bucharest, our orthodontist Ceauș Cristina has the following rates:

Orthodontic consultation + Orthodontic treatment plan = 150 RON

Study model = 100 RON

METAL braces / arch = 2200 RON

CERAMIC dental braces / arch = 3000 RON

SAFIR dental braces / arch = 3500 RON

DAMON dental braces / arch = 4000 RON

Mobile dental braces = 1100 RON

Fixed braces control per arcade = 80 RON

Fixed braces control both arches = 150 RON

Mobile braces control per arcade = 80 RON

With notable benefits for oral health and smile aesthetics, braces remain a popular option for patients who want to achieve outstanding results in aligning their teeth and improving their quality of life. Patients in Bucharest have access to a variety of options and high-quality dental services, and because we want to support as many patients as possible to smile healthily, we thought about offering the installment system in the office.

In conclusion, if you want to improve your smile and feel confident like never before, braces may be the perfect solution for you! Start this journey to a bright and healthy smile and enjoy the amazing results you will get! Confidence in your smile will open many doors and attract the smiles of those around you into your life!

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Complete guide about dental braces: types, costs, benefits
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Dental health care is a crucial aspect of overall health and self-esteem. In Bucharest, the dental services market has registered a significant growth in recent years, and braces have become a popular solution for improving teeth alignment and smile aesthetics. In this article, we will analyze the evolution and importance of dental braces in the dental market in Romania.
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