The benefits of orthodontic treatment and wearing braces at any age

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The benefits of orthodontic treatment and wearing braces at any age

Wearing braces, both by children, but especially by adults, has grown in popularity a lot in recent years. In some Asian countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, fixed braces are considered some of the most attractive fashion accessories, and many people wear them even if they do not need orthodontic treatment.

The fact that colored fixtures can be applied and the smile can be the color of your choice may explain part of the great appeal of braces in Asia. But beyond the purely aesthetic function for which some people choose them, the main role of a brace is to provide the patient with the correction of the teeth.

The article explains what a brace is, when it is recommended to wear it, what is the difference between fixed and removable braces, what models of fixed braces are currently available, what is the cost of orthodontic treatment, but also how long it is recommended to wear a brace for achieving a beautiful and healthy smile.

What do wearing dental braces and orthodontic treatment help?

The aesthetic benefits of wearing braces are probably the main reason why patients opt for braces. The appearance of the smile is important. It can give us confidence in our own strength and communicate to others a lot of important information about us.

An Oral-B study confirmed this in a study involving 2,000 people. The study found that those who had a beautiful smile and straight teeth were considered 20% more attractive than those who did not.

The University of California conducted its own research to find out whether or not being attractive actually improves quality of life. The results indicated that this aspect has a significant advantage. People who are considered attractive earn an average of 12 percent more money than people who are considered less attractive.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, orthodontic treatment and braces:

• Support the growth of the jaw bones

• Directs and helps the eruption of children's permanent teeth

• Corrects speech and pronunciation problems caused by the position of the teeth

• Aligns the teeth in the correct position, which significantly reduces the risk of tooth decay and other dental problems and long-term complications

The difference between fixed and removable braces

Dental braces are of two types: fixed and removable. The significant difference between the two models is that fixed braces can provide results in a shorter time than removable braces due to the fact that they can be permanent, and the action forces to correct the position of the teeth are permanent. On the other hand, mobile braces can be used to maintain the results obtained with a fixed brace, or when a minor intervention is needed to correct the position of the teeth.

Fitting fixed dental braces and periodic control

Fitting fixed dental braces is a quick and painless procedure. The procedure lasts, on average, 1 hour. The orthodontist will mount a "plate" (bracket) on the surface of each tooth. All the plates will later be connected with elastics and will work together over time to direct the position of the teeth.

On average, the duration of an orthodontic treatment is at least 1 year.

Although fitting a brace is not a painful procedure, the patient may feel pressure and discomfort for the next few days as a result of the active action of the brace. The discomfort felt in the first days will disappear gradually and completely.

Control and adjustment of the device components are necessary every month during the entire treatment.

Models of dental braces. How much do dental braces cost at DentArbre dental clinic?

The cost of dental braces depend on the model chosen by the patient. At DentArbre dental clinic, we offer our patients all types of dental braces:

• Metal dental braces

• Safir dental braces

• Ceramic dental braces

• Invisible braces

• Mobile dental braces

The cost of dental braces can be between 2200 and 4000 lei. The cheapest model currently available is metallic dental braces and the most expensive model is DAMON or Invisible braces.

Complete orthodontic treatment at DentArbre dental clinic

If you've already considered orthodontic treatment and braces, congratulations! You have already taken the first step towards achieving your perfect smile. With the help of our team of experienced dentists, you will get the dental braces model you want in the shortest possible time, as well as the promise of healthy teeth.

If you are undecided and still don't know which model to choose or if orthodontic treatment is the solution you need, we assure you that our doctors will explain all the details of orthodontic treatment and will be with you during the entire process.

Your perfectly healthy and aesthetic smile is possible at DentArbre dental clinic! Schedule right now.

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